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Year 4 play-Panto Pandemonium

Year 4 Production

On Tuesday 14th January, our Year 4 pupils put on the performance of the century in the ‘Panto Pandemonium’ play. The play included all of your favourite pantomime characters like Jack (without a beanstalk!), the Giant, Aladdin, Cinderella and her step sisters of questionable beauty, the seven dwarves, the Good Fairy and more!

Charlie, who played Martin in the play said this:
‘It was really nerve-wracking at the beginning, but the dress rehearsal really helped to calm me down for the evening performance to our parents.’

Oscar, who played Sara, one of the children tasked with helping the Good Fairy to overcome the Witch and her henchmen, reflected on his experience:
‘I feel really proud of myself and I’m glad I put in a good performance’

The feedback received by the staff and boys has been phenomenal. Here are just a few of the comments we received from audience members:

‘We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed he boys performance on Tuesday evening – it was sincerely the best school production we’ve seen and you all did such a wonderful job putting it together. The boys were all so well-rehearsed and hilarious too!’

‘What a triumph’

‘What a fantastic performance of Panto Pandemonium last night. There was a lot of hard work put into it, which was evident throughout the performance. All the children were brilliant. We really enjoyed it. Thank you.’

‘I had to write to express our delight at the excellent and most enjoyable production that the Year 4 boys put on last night. It was completely wonderful…We were amazed at the boys’ slick, professional performances with astounding confidence and enthusiasm, it really was such a joy to watch.’


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  1. Mrs Kawalec 14/01/17

    We are so proud of all of the boys. They worked very hard to produce such an excellent performance! Thank you to everyone who supported them in learning their lines!
    I think we have many stars in the making!!

    Well done boys!

    Mrs Kawalec

  2. Ptolemy's Mum 14/01/17

    WOW!!!! Well done boys; a really wonderful polished performance from all of you. You should all be very proud!

  3. Tuhina Lloyd 14/01/17

    Well done to all the boys on a fantastic performance! It really was a joy to watch. We were very proud of our own little Jack.

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