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Choir competition success!

On Wednesday 18th June, the Senior choir travelled to Clowne in Derbyshire to take part in the Bolsover Schools Choir Competition. They performed against 28 other schools (a total of 1400 children participtated!) and came away with 2nd prize!! A great achievement, particularly as it is the first time we have entered this competition!
I would just like to say how very proud I am of each and every one of them. Their performance and behaviour was a real credit both to themselves and to our school. Congratulations! Mrs Kawalec

Report by Frazer Lim

Bolsover Choir
On the 18th June 2014 the students in Senior Choir travelled to Bolsover to take part in a competition. This took place at Heritage High School and would compare our performances with those from other schools.
As we walked through the gates to enter Heritage High School, we were greeted by older pupils and were directed to the sports hall. Here we waited until 10:50am, and then we were told to wait outside the performance area before our judging.
Sadly, the waiting was longer than we had expected because of delays. Due to this, Mrs Kawalec allowed us to sit down and we commenced a vocal warm-up known as ‘Bungalow.’ Once this was completed, it was time for us to move into the performance hall.
The tension mounted as we waited for us to be called in front of the audience. We walked into the performing area and quickly moved into our different positions. The first song we performed was ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’ followed by ‘That Dixieland Sound.’
We performed both our songs under the scrutinising eyes of the judge. As we glimpsed him writing down comments, we felt nervous, not knowing what he had remarked. The first song went very well, and the same with the second. After finishing and standing straight and still in front of the judge, which seemed to go on for hours, we moved out of the hall, away from the prying eyes of the audience.
Once leaving the hall, and calming down, we grabbed our lunch and moved to a nearby field. Here, we also got to relax and play several different games. Once enjoying these many minutes with our friends it was time for us to go back to the hall to receive our position and to here the last choirs performing.
Other choirs who performed sang many modern songs such as ‘Troublemaker’ and ‘Happy.’ These were brilliant performances. Once these had finished, we all sat down and waited for the positions to be announced. After a quick thank you for various parents, teachers and staff at Heritage High School the final moment arrived. After the announcement of the best choir in the Bolsover District, the judge moved onto the overall winners. And, in their first year of attending the competition, Nottingham High Junior School were the runners-up of the Bolsover Choir Competition. With an almighty cheer, two representatives walked up to the front to collect the shield and the two hundred and fifty pound cheque enclosed in an envelope.
After a quick publicity photograph it was time for us to leave. Many thanks should go to Mrs Kawalec and all the other staff who accompanied us on the trip and those who have prepared us for the competition. We should all be immensely proud that we brought back a trophy and won the school two hundred and fifty pounds.

Watch the winning performances!

For the Beauty of the Earth

That Dixieland Sound


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    And we won 1st place 2015

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